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Leveraged Trading

A professional approach to trading FX, stocks on margin, CFDs, spread bets and futures for all traders. By Robert Carver.


Leveraged trading is now easily accessible for even the smallest traders, whether it be through futures, FX, CFDs, spread-bets or margin trading. But leverage is also dangerous, and the reason why the vast majority of non-professional traders lose money.


In Leveraged Trading former professional trader and hedge fund portfolio manager Rob Carver introduces a simple trading system: the 'Starter System'. With this system you can learn how to trade leveraged products safely, without taking excessive risk or paying too much in trading costs. 

Leveraged Trading shows you how to modify the system to improve it's performance. Rob also explains how you can combine the system with your own trading ideas to produce a unique trading strategy whilst stlil being protected from the dangers of excessive leverage.

Especially written for traders with smaller accounts, Leveraged Trading explains how to make best use of scarce trading capital.


"Like Robert's other books, Leveraged Trading is an excellent guide for traders. Robert does an excellent job of progressing from basic to complicated information, without losing the reader. This book will be one I refer to over and over again. Highly recommended" 

    Kevin Davey, award winning trader and author of numerous trading books

"(Rob's) latest book is not just the best coverage of the topic of leveraged trading of small portfolios I’ve read, it’s actually the only good one I’ve come across... This is a great book. Go buy it."

Andreas Clenow, hedge fund manager and author

"I wish I had read a book like this when I was starting my trading. It would have saved me a lot of time and money. Highly recommended!" 

    Helder Palaro, Hedge fund manager

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