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Advanced Futures Trading Strategies
30 fully tested strategies for multiple trading styles & time frames
By Robert Carver.


In Advanced Futures Trading Strategies , Robert Carver provides a complete practical guide to 30 trading strategies for the futures markets.


The strategies cover more than 100 tradable instruments and draw on over 50 years of historic data, and are suitable for both discretionary and systematic traders.


The strategies begin with the most basic, and progress to more advanced strategies, including trading calendar spreads, breakouts, trend following, fast mean reversion, and many more.


For each strategy, Robert describes:


  • How and why it works.

  • Detailed rules for putting the strategy into practice.

  • Past performance from historical data.

  • Historic strategy behaviour and risk.

And throughout the book, building up step by step, Robert explains other essential aspects of effective futures trading, including:

  • How to properly calculate profits and assess performance.

  • How to measure and forecast risk.

  • How to calculate trading costs.

  • The trading capital you need for specific futures instruments.

  • How to decide which instrument to trade.

  • Diversifying by using multiple strategies together.

  • And much, much more.

Advanced Futures Trading Strategies is the definitive practical guide to futures trading strategies. No one who intends to seriously trade futures can afford to be without it.

"Another Gem From Robert Carver!" - Kevin Davey, author and world champion futures trader

"This is the fourth book from Robert Carver and it delivers what it promises." Gary Celaya MSTA (full review)

"One of the few practical trading books out there" - Amazon reviewer

"Do not buy this book (so that we retain our edge)" - Burak Yenigun (Crypto hedge fund manager)

"I wish I could burn every copy of this book" - Amazon reviewer

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